New in the Gallery: Little Girl Pearl

We've been searching for some great kids clothes and finally found Little Girl Pearl, built from scratch and completely flawless. These clothes are so impeccible! I want some outfits for myself!

New in the Gallery: Vacon

We can't get enough of really amazing art prints apparently! New this week is Vacon from Italy. Smashingly weird. We love it.

New in the Gallery: Altar'd Beast

Alter'd Beast from Raleigh, NC stopped by this weekend with prints. We are very excited to host work from this southern gentleman! They look gorgeous framed.

New in the Gallery: Wonting

We've reeled in another local artists! Christine Wong aka Wonting, has brought us a pile of gorgeous Gocco'd prints (she is a Gocco genius!) They come framed or unframed and start at only $18! And I'll tell you what, the first person to leave a comment on this blog post will get a 4x6 Wonting print for FREE. Let's see who's an early bird on Saturday, shall we?

Pick of the Week

These Snooser Lozer tops (we have many styles and sizes in stock) are so light, flowy and feminine. Hand-printed too! Oh and did I mention the free moustaches are back?!

New in the Gallery: KnitKnit

New to Brooklyn and to Fact & Fancy, Nguyen Le's knit accessories are a delight! Come on by and see them in person.

Brooklyn Flea This Weekend

Come hang out with us this Sunday at Brooklyn Flea. Pick up some great vintage finds, have a delicious canoli and shop Fact and Fancy! We'll be giving away our famous mustaches with purchase along with some great coupons. (You can also pick up one of these awesome Flea Bag totes made by our friends Loyalty & Blood.) We'll also have some of our artist there representin'.

(Astulabee, Bailey Doesn't Bark and KnitKnit.)

See ya there!