New in the Gallery: Marc Filerman

We're really digging our newest artist Marc Filerman. He's got a great sense of humor and we love work that makes us snort with glee. (Ok, maybe I'm the only one who 'snorts with glee'.) Marc sent us big stickers to include with purchases of his prints, so if you come in and pick up a Filerman print remind us to give you a sticker!

New in the Gallery: Sarah Blank

We have some great new work in the gallery! Sarah Blank send us some gorgeous reproductions of her paintings. Very whimsical and a touch haunting. We'll keep posting other new artists we're carrying but if you are really curious just come on by! We'll be doing something special for the Atlantic Antic this weekend - not sure what yet, but keep your eyes peeled and we'll let you know!

Yelp Us Out

Hey, there Fact & Fancy fans! Want to help out this little gallery? Yelp about us! We'd love to hear what you think and gain some of those Yelp stars. And add me (Danielle) as a friend while you're at it: Merci beaucoup!

Here Comes The Bride

Fact & Fancy will be closed on Saturday, September 20th. Danielle will be marrying the very sweet boy of her dreams, Jim Chesters, and I (Christine) will be there making sure every detail is exactly as she always dreamed her wedding day would be. We will be celebrating just down the street at Bacchus on Atlantic Avenue.

We will resume our regular hours again on Sunday, and in celebration will be throwing a huge end of summer clothing sale! Stop by and get 50% off on clothing by Snoozer Loser, Replica, Angel D'Amico, & Domestic Construction.

Design Sponged!

much thanks to Design Sponge for noticing lil' fact & fancy! we love this blog!