Almost ready!

Only a few days left and we're just finishing up the faux bois floors. Look out Brooklyn, these floors are mesmerizing. Oh also here are the artist who are DEFINITELY in our first show - (thanks to all for sending in your work on time!)

More Wet Paint

Only 7 days until we open! The floors are going to be quite incredible. White and yellow faux bois! Thanks to the artist who's work has already arrived! It's like Christmas morning with all these packages. We'll have photos of the work soon!

First Things First

Couldn't get into the space as soon as we'd liked so we're working on other things like making the sign, setting up inventory software, making sure all our business lady paperwork is in order, etc.

We found out we made it in time to get on the Atlantic Avenue Artwalk map and website. More details should be up on their website soon. We'll be giving out lemonade and hopefully making lots of neighborhood friends. Come on by and check it out: June 7th & 8th.

Wet Paint: Our First Show

The first show at the new gallery Fact & Fancy will feature over 25 undiscovered artist and crafters.

When: May 29 - July 11

Wet Paint Party: Saturday, June 21, 4pm - 8pm

Where: 75B Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY


Amanda Blake
Amazing Talking Paintings
Andy Eats Only Candy
Angel D'amico
Anna Laura
Argyle Whale
Art Goodies
Berkley Illustration
Bird vs Bird
Callie & Co
Clever Girl
Cornflower Blue Studio
Danielle Maveal Jewelry
Dead Bird
Dutch Door Press
Element Clay Studio
Girl Savage
Go Monkey Design
Ice Bear
Invisible Fountain
Jack Rabbit
Jennifer Davis
Josh Reames
Lotus Jewelry Studio
Mae Jane
Michelle Maule
Miss Mouse
Paloma's Nest
Michael Pfleghaar
The Candy Thief
Two Guitars
Yellow Canoe
Your Secret Admiral

We got the space (99%)

Our little shop on hoyt (yellow door) looks like its going to be for real! Nat (the landlord) has been really great with us. Walked by today and he was outside, he said "It all looks like its a-go, just waiting on a few references to call back." References!
Christine and I have gathered about 100 artist we love and can't wait to get this thing going. We came up with some great display ideas and are working on the partnership paperwork this week.
Lots of work to do on this place once we get the lease signed, but we're keeping the yellow door!